Tennis tournament of Residential Park Lozen

3 Oct 2019

On the 28th and 29th of September 2019 was held this year's Tennis Tournament of Residential Park Lozen EOOD. It was attended by 16 people who formed teams in pairs by lot. In the group phase the teams played against each other, and then the first two of each group made it to the semifinals. We would like to thank to all the participants for the good game and shared sports emotions this weekend! All participants expressed their satisfaction with the organization and conditions of the tournament and their willingness to participate in its next edition as well.

Special congratulations to the best performers:

  • Elvira Vergieva and Daniel Dimov – 1st place
  • Niki Mehandzhiyski and Georgi Todorov – 2nd place
  • Dobromir Abadzhiev and Mihail Mihaylov – 3rd place
  • Radost Stefanova and Georgi Terziev – semifinalists