The park

Residential Park Lozen is a residential complex of closed type, located in the village of Lozen, only 12 minutes away from Sofia. The complex realizes the dream of the urban people for a home, giving peace and coziness, quality of life and proximity to nature in the immediate vicinity of the city.

The construction works of Phase 1 of the complex started in the summer of 2019 and was successfully put into exploitation at the end of 2022. It includes 135 residential units - row houses, one-family houses and two-family houses with different sizes and layouts. In addition to Phase 1 there are 21 more row houses and 6 two-family houses under construction. They will be finished till the beginning of 2024. Phase 2 of the project started at the beginning of 2021 and around the middle of 2024 will expand the complex with 41 row and 18 two-family houses.

The residential part will be complemented by a Commercial zone with everything necessary for the comfort and normal rhythm of life of the residents. The professional facility management services provide additional security and convenience, guaranteeing a quality and perfectly maintained living environment and more leisure time for the residents of the complex as well.

" Residential Park Lozen " - a combination of quality and comfort of home and natural and harmonious living environment, where you can “slow down”, "live" free time, gain strength and serenity of nature, feel harmony, care for you and satisfaction!

The Lindner Group's projects feature a comprehensive concept and careful consideration and planning of every one detail, focusing on the requirements, comfort and quality of life of our clients.


In addition to the residential units Residential Park Lozen is going to provide a zone with commercial and public areas, including:


  • School;
  • Kinder garden;
  • Sports center and swimming pool;
  • Sports facilities and children's playgrounds;
  • Restaurant;
  • Shop;
  • Office spaces, etc.

Residential Park Lozen is a residential complex of closed type, whose concept includes a full package of Facility Management services including:


  • Guarantee management
  • Landscaping and irrigation system;
  • 24-hour access control
  • Video Surveillance;
  • Cleaning and snow cleaning;
  • 24-hour hotline.

In selecting materials, the investor relies on leading companies such as Knauf, Wienerberger, Pipelife and other reputable manufacturers and long-term partners. The materials are carefully selected, based on expert assessments and analyzes even before the start of construction works. We pay attention to every little aspect of the implementation, looking for the optimal technical solution applicable to the relevant building element and the surrounding area. This, combined with the provided internal control during construction, ensures high quality and reliability of the input materials. Last but not least, following Lindner's corporate policy, the materials we plan to put into the complex will be consistent with the trends of sustainable and environmentally friendly construction and exploitation.

Complete system solutions for all major building elements - facade systems; roof systems; dry construction system; heating and cooling system; solar thermal system and others.
This approach guarantees both high quality and reliability of performance, as well as comfort and energy efficiency during the operation of the buildings.

Functional layouts for each type of houses, providing comfort of living and harmony with the surrounding spaces. Based on the long-term experience of the investor in the field of residential construction, the layouts follow the requirements and expectations of the client.

Ensuring the necessary infrastructure for the operation of the complex is essential for the project. There is an optimal concept for each element of the internal and external (public) infrastructure: separate, domestic and rainwater sewerage; water supply with drinking water; water supply with technological water for irrigation; gas supply network; data transmission network; medium and low voltage network; street and park lighting; street infrastructure.

Following the concept of the master plan of the complex and in accordance with the requirements of the development city plan for this area, we have provided functional, richly landscaped and attractive surroundings. All the basic aspects related to the provision of a very attractive and comfortable living environment are considered: optimal orientation of the buildings; comfortable roads for the car traffic; parking in accordance with the present requirements; a wide pedestrian zone for walking or sport activities; park environment and rich landscaping; areas for sports and recreation; playgrounds, etc.

The complex will provide a reliable and highly effective security system for its residents. It is planned to build an automated perimeter security system including: fencing equipment, video surveillance, motion sensors and alarm, security guards with posts at key locations and regular detour. Coverage will be provided for all inner streets and alleys without disturbing the privacy of residents. Access control will be carried out at all the points of entry and exit of the complex. An additional opportunity will be provided to our clients to integrate personal security systems (SOTs) with those of the complex so as to achieve maximum security and protection for the residents.

Optimal complex of facility management services on the territory of Residential Park Lozen based on the rich and long experience in one of the most successful complexes in the country - Residential Park Sofia. All basic services for the comfort of our client's life in one place: technical management and maintenance of the infrastructure elements; maintenance of green and common areas; organizing and controlling the main activities of security, cleaning and waste disposal, snow cleaning, inspections by control bodies, etc.; administrative service of the complex, and many others. Emphasis on the reasonable balance between the provided services and the relevant fees in order to achieve the best possible results at an optimal budget.

Residential Park Lozen is a new residential complex close to the village of Lozen, Sofia-city district. The construction of the complex includes the construction of a complete new external and internal infrastructure by the investor.


Residential Park Lozen is only on:


  • 12 min from Sofia;
  • 15 min from Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd.;
  • 25 min from the center of Sofia;
  • 20 minutes from Sofia Airport;

After the extension of the Sofia Ring Road in this direction, the location has become an even more communicative and easily accessible place to live outside the city, closer to nature.

In the short term, the construction of a direct connection from Manastirska Vodenitsa Str. to the Ring Road is expected.